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The pub food is a cut above in this relaxed bar/restaurant, including one of the best veggie burgers I’ve had locally, an epic vegan Sunday roast and a proper vegan dessert.

The menu features some more imaginative dishes, all properly cooked from scratch. I’m a big fan of a vegetable burger and their beetroot, mushroom and quinoa one is excellent and comes piled with onion rings (whilst not marked vegan on their menu it can be easily made vegan). Other options include a sweet potato and carrot rosti which comes served over a pile of delicious ratatouille.

I was particularly keen to check out their date and nut vegan Sunday roast. It is pine nut packed, sweet, crunchy and delish and with all the accompaniments it is a serious plateful. They also currently have a festive menu featuring a squash, chestnut and sage roast, it’s good, but for me the nut roast wins with its crunchy texture.

For dessert you can have warm vegan waffles with fruit, sorbet and coulis, plus on the festive menu vegan Christmas pudding served with brandy sauce.

I felt they are making a real effort to deliver tasty options for vegans. The menu is clearly marked and staff are all helpful if you have any queries. I’ll definitely be back!

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